In 2010 is seems that more marriages are on the rock than ever before - especially with the added pressures of economic hard times. This is nothing new but it certainly seems like it is much more prevalent today than it was in years gone by. If you and your spouse are in this category you should be aware that there are, indeed, steps that the two of you can take - together - to mend your ways and mend your marriage before it is too late.

These are not flash-in-the-pan remedies or old wives tales of dreams of happiness but modern and validated remedies for even the worst of marriage problems. Unless you have a situation where there is actual, physical abuse or totally out of control use of drugs or the like - you can solve your problems - together - and save your marriage.

The best part of this capability is that it does not require months or years of relationship therapy or intense counseling. Instead these are techniques that are rapidly grasped and put into place that mend the hurt, establish a renewed commitment to make things better and often an almost instantaneous rise in mutual respect.

If you find yourself in this category please take heart and read on because these methodologies are recommended by the experts - and they simply work! They have often been the catalyst to get your ex back.

Okay, let's start at the beginning. In order for two people to save a marriage - note we're using the term marriage but it certainly applies to any love-based relationship - it takes both parties involved who are genuinely trying to save it. The process is an uphill struggle with this element; nearly impossible if it is missing. Oftentimes it is the woman who initiates this type of saving process but it need not be. The reason that men don't initiate this type of process as women is that men tend to want to leave things alone until it is too late. Like many things in relationships, if it weren't for the women many marriages would fail because of the lack of trying.

Initiate the process by having a heart to heart with your mate to calmly determine the following: 1. Is He/She interested in saving the marriage (or at least in trying!) and 2. Is His/Her level of feelings sufficiently strong to weather the storm? If you end up with a YES to both of these questions then you certainly have a chance.

Begin by writing down exactly what you both feel are your problems and how it was that you grew apart. Next, identify what each party feels is the minimum changes that need to be made and sustained on the other Partner's side that would be required to support saving the marriage. Then spend some time, privately, and together discussing these issues so that you both become comfortable with your understanding of both a genuine level of honesty and commitment to achieve the goal of saving your marriage.

Plan to include both time apart and scheduled time together - it is a fact that people in strained relationship typically do not spend much time together. Lastly, set some goals and timeframes for improvement and have regular, honest discussions to determine if things are better or worse.

Couples who genuinely follow these steps have found a better than 50/50 chance of saving their marriage. Note: These same steps are often critical to get ex back or to win your ex back.

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